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Bolga : Fire table, barbecue, plancha and brazier

Hello, I am happy to present “Bolga”, my latest creation.

Part table barbecue, plancha, brazier and outdoor table with a unique and timeless look, Bolga is a robust steel structure which accommodates a table top made of Belgian oak radiating from the central fire bowl.

Your guests will remember these unique, warm and unifying moments spent outside around a fire, whatever the season.

Bolga, it's local

Our commitment to sourcing our products as close as possible to the place of manufacture and to working exclusively with local wood has been part of Bolga’s values ​​since the first days.

Plancha and Barbecue

The pleasure of cooking at the table, together already comfortably seated. The culinary moment and the moment together become one.


Bolga is the work of a single person, entirely machined by hand, each table benefits from the total and passionate attention of its creator.


To end the evening while lying in the garden, or to warm up your autumnal aperitifs and cocktails on the terrace, the fire bowl is moved by hand.

Robust and timeless

The choice of materials leaves nothing to chance: steel and chestnut guarantee robustness and resistance to any test.


When dusk arrives or to break the cold of winter, you enjoy the radiance of the basin of fire, on your face and on your legs.

Four Seasons

Thanks to the fire table you dare to eat and cook outside in all seasons: the heat of the fireplace warms your body and keeps it warm, while you have lunch and prepare your coffee against the backdrop of a snowy landscape.


From the beginning, Bolga had to be not only practical and functional, but also magnificent and stylish. A successful bet by combining curve and radiance, the design of the table diffuses energy and warmth.